Elizabeth Zhou


Product designer based in San Francisco.

Currently designing autonomous tools at Applied Intuition

Doing some spring cleaning on my portfolio, but let’s be in touch!


🐴 Horsewarming / Dinner Party Menu
Graphic / Visual Design, Print

Co-hosted and designed a themed dinner party for 9, featuring a three course menu + drinks.
What do you call a horse that lives nearby? A neighbor 🐴

Introducing “Horsewarming” – a housewarming dinner party co-hosted with a friend. Inspired by a mutual friend of ours who told us that Ikea’s Swedish meatballs were made of horse meat,  we planned an entire food + drink menu themed after horses (rest assured, we did not use any horse meat for this event).

In the spirit of horses running fast, we planned, designed and prepped for this event all in a single week (I know, still hard for us to believe we pulled this off). Creating the menu itself (along with figuring out which food + drink items we wanted to make) took about 4 days, and the remaining days leading up to the event were spent recipe testing.

The menu was designed as a bi-fold brochure, split into “The Barn” (food) and “The Trough” (drinks), and sprinkled with plenty of horse / farm-related puns throughout. Everything was designed first in Adobe Illustrator, and then exported into PDFs to place into Adobe InDesign. The final menu design was printed on heavy cover, matte paper and it was so rewarding to see our menu come to life!

I’ve personally never hosted a dinner party before (nor designed a menu for one), but this experience turned out to be better than expected, and I’m grateful that I got the chance to not only craft a fun and memorable night for friends, but also to find a new creative outlet to express myself with. 

‘Til the neighxt one 🐴