Elizabeth Zhou


Product designer based in San Francisco.

Currently designing autonomous tools at Applied Intuition

Doing some spring cleaning on my portfolio, but let’s be in touch!


🎒 Have A Great Summer (H.A.G.S) / Dinner Party Menu
Graphic / Visual Design, Print

Co-hosted and designed a themed dinner party for 12, featuring a five course menu + drinks.

Inspired by school yearbooks, the menu was designed as a multi-page booklet featuring guests’ baby photos and signing pages at the end.
‘Tis the neighxt time 🍎🐴

From the same hosts who brought you “Horsewarming”, we came back with another themed dinner party – H.A.G.S! Both of us hold a lot of nostalgia for our childhood, and wanted to put our own twist on things we had growing up such as “Lunchables”, “Uncrustables” and more. No doubt we still got puns such as “The Pearent Trap” from our drinks menu 😌

This time around, it took about a month to plan and coordinate everything. The menu took about 3 weeks to construct, including time to spin up a new logo similar to the one we had for “Horsewarming”. We wanted the menu to act as an individual yearbook for each guest, and included blank pages for signing along with a placeholder to add a Polaroid to commemorate the event.

The menu went through a few iterations in both Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign before it was ready for print, and the final booklet was printed on A5, silk cover paper in full color. We produced two versions of the booklet, where the main differences were the back cover and my co-host’s and mine’s baby photos + quotes for the yearbook center spread. It was fun getting to see our guests’ reaction when they realized the back covers were not the same 😉

This project was definitely an ambitious one, and one that pushed me to get more comfortable designing for print and coordinating all the different components involved (not to mention several rounds of recipe testing and fine-tuning too). Overall, I enjoyed the process of having more to explore and experiment with while maintaining a cohesive and consistent aesthetic throughout. 

Have A Great Summer, and perhaps see you next season? 👀