Elizabeth Zhou


Product designer based in San Francisco.

Currently designing autonomous tools at Applied Intuition

Doing some spring cleaning on my portfolio, but let’s be in touch!


👟 A Leap of Faith into Design / Innovative Design RGB 2022
Speaking Event

Opening keynote speaker for Innovative Design's Spring 2022 Reach, Grow, Build conference.

Gave a talk to Berkeley students about my journey into design and the lessons I've learned thus far post-college.
Feels like I’ve come full circle...I was fortunate to be invited by Innovative Design to participate in their Spring 2022 RGB: Reach, Grow, Build conference! 

It felt surreal to come back to an event I helped planned back in 2018 while I was still a student and an aspiring designer. Now having worked as a designer in the industry for about 3 years, I felt incredibly lucky to be able to share my experience and learnings with the community that helped me get started in design.

My talk focused on several themes in my design journey, including feelings of imposter syndrome and dealing with the uncertainty that comes with growth, as well as gradually building the confidence in my own skills and process.

I loved being able to talk to students afterwards who really resonated with my journey and it made me super happy to hear that I reassured some of their concerns with pursuing design, and that there is no right or wrong way to get started – as long as you have the passion and are willing to put in the work, anything is possible ✨